Transplant Co-ordinators

There are 3 transplant co-ordinators who cover the South Wales area. This includes 17 intensive care units and the many general hospitals, hospices, GP clinics etc.

The co-ordinators offer a 24 hour on-call service for potential organ or tissue donation and we will be contacted by the staff who have been involved in providing care for somebody who has now died when they are identified as a potential donor. The co-ordinators will discuss organ donation with the family and make all the necessary arrangements for the retrieval of organs or tissues and their transfer to the transplant centres. The transplant co-ordinators provide support for the other staff who are involved in the donation and run an education service for these staff providing Bereavement Workshops. There is also ongoing bereavement support provided for the donor families.

A Biennial thanksgiving service is held for donor families and transplant recipients and staff. The Co-ordinators provide talks on organ donation and transplantation to Schools and other general public groups.

The transplant co-ordinators provide information for all patients entering the waiting list for a kidney or kidney and pancreas transplant. They then ensure that tissue typing blood tests are kept up to date so that it can be identified when a suitably matched kidney becomes available. The co-ordinator has the enjoyable task of contacting the patient to inform them that there is a suitable kidney available. The co-ordinators also make the arrangements if there is to be a kidney donated from a living family member.

Contacting the Transplant Co-ordinators

The transplant co-ordinators can be contacted directly as follows:

Sarah Matthews/Louise Coller (029) 2074 8429

Karen Morgan (029) 2074 8422

Fiona Casey (029) 2074 8423

Secretary (029) 2074 8459

There is also an answer phone on (029) 2074 8423. If your call is urgent then the switchboard could page whoever is on-call.

We can be contacted by post at :

Transplant Co-ordinators Nephrology & Transplant, University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4XW

How the Transplant Co-ordinators contact you!

When, potentially, we have a kidney transplant available we need to be able to contact the recipient to bring him or her into ward B5, University Hospital of Wales as soon as possible.

In order to do this it is important that we are provided with contact numbers. Where appropriate we require home telephone number, extra contacts i.e., relatives, friends, neighbours; work numbers; mobile phone or pager numbers.


It is possible to borrow a long range pager from the Transplant Co-ordinators. These can be carried with you enabling the co-ordinators to contact you if you are not at home or near a telephone. Pagers can also be purchased privately from the communication stores i.e. BT shops or electrical stores.

A deposit of £20 is required by the hospital for each pager (arrangements can be made if this is not possible). Please return pagers to the transplant unit or one of the co-ordinators as soon as possible following your transplant so that they can be passed on.


We are always pleased to hear that people are off on their holidays but please remember to keep the transplant co-ordinators informed.

Where possible please provide details of :

- dates of travel

- contact address and telephone numbers hotel, relatives, camp site etc.)

- name holiday is booked under

- if you are caravanning or camping the car registration number

If you are travelling in the UK, we would be able to make arrangements for you to return to Cardiff if a transplant became available. If you are travelling abroad this probably won't be possible and you would have to consider yourself as unavailable should anything come up during your time away.

Please ensure that a blood sample (20ml clotted sample) is taken for tissue typing before you travel. This means that we can start the blood tests required prior to a transplant whilst you are on your way to the hospital and avoid any extra delays.

Once this is done you can relax and have a great time!

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