The Role of the EPO Co-ordinator

The EPO Co-ordinator is an experienced nurse who has specialised in the care of anaemic patients. Her role is to co-ordinate the proper treatment of anaemia for pre-dialysis, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients. If you are an anaemic patient in one of these groups you may or may not meet her, however, she will be involved in assessing your treatment needs. She will be instrumental in setting up a package of care to relieve your symptoms of anaemia.

The Co-ordinator’s role includes:

  • liaison with the community team of nurses and your GP to enlist their support in a shared care system.
  • liaison with your medical team to ensure that appropriate treatment is organised.
  • patient education which is a large feature of the co-ordinators job. If you are having EPO, you will be taught how to inject EPO and its relevant side-effects. This may be by the co-ordinator or by your link nurse (a nurse from your particular dialysis unit). The nurse will supply you with relevant education and provide you with an information pack about EPO and iron management.
  • making arrangements for you to receive intravenous iron, if you need it.
  • reviewing your blood tests with your doctor and link nurse and organising changes when they need to be made.
  • acting as contact for you and your community team. She is able to provide education and support about anaemia and its treatment to patients, their families, GPs and community nurses.

If you need to contact the co-ordinator, please telephone University Hospital of Wales switchboard on (029) 2074 7747 and ask them to page Sister Jean Jenkins.

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