Institute of Nephrology

The Nephrology & Transplant Directorate is associated with the Institute of Nephrology, a part of the University of Wales College of Medicine, i.e. the medical school in Cardiff. The Institute is engaged in kidney research and has an international reputation for its work. The medical staff of the Directorate are involved ion research and this is usually performed in association with the Institute. The Honorary Director of the Institute is Professor J. D. Williams, one of the consultants in the Directorate.

If treatment of kidney disease is to improve, it is important to do research. This research can only be proven to be effective if it is eventually tested on patients. You may therefore be asked to participate in a research project. It is your right to decline to participate at any time in a project, even half way through. This will not affect your treatment in any way. If you are approached, however, we do hope that you will give sympathetic consideration to taking part.

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