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Letter sent by the WKPA to Mark Drakeford - Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services

Hospital Transport for Dialysis Patients


1) The 2010 National Kidney Care survey states:-

“No other medical condition requires such frequent travel back and forth for treatment - for months and years on end - like haemodialysis does. Patients have to make six journeys every week - Christmas and holidays included. Transport is therefore a significant component of the patient's experience and it is no wonder that it is frequently cited as the part that most needs improving.”

2) The 2012 National Kidney Care’s survey states:-

“Despite high levels of overall satisfaction, there remain many examples of poor patient experience, particularly in the time taken to return home after a dialysis session. When providers use multiple drop offs, patients report 45minute journeys taking two hours, and having to sit in cold vehicles for 20 minutes at a time while less able patients are helped into their homes.”

3) The WKPA HD satisfaction surveys in 2007 and 2012 in which questions on hospital transport were included, provide data that support the following conclusions:- Whilst many patients reported an overall satisfaction with transport provision, there are many problems with the Service. In particular there is concern over unacceptably long journey times to and from dialysis; waiting times of 30 minutes or more after dialysis. When compared with 2007, the 2012 survey shows an increasing number of patients rating transport as 'good or excellent'. However, significant dissatisfaction over Dialysis Transport remains a concern for almost 30% of respondents to the survey.

Transport for renal patients needs to improve from Welsh Renal Clinical Network on Vimeo.

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