Getting Help


Kidney disease can many problems, emotional, physical and financial and it is important they we can get help when we need it.

Your unit can give you information on help with transport costs and don't forget our befriending service which provide support when you most need it.

The NKF have a very good guide on state benefits which you can access.

Closer to home there is the Welsh Social Fund and you can find out more information on their website

The NHS also has a very comprehensive guide to living with kidney disease and has plenty of practical advice to help you live your life to the full.

Talking to others in the same position can also be an enormous help and joing the WKPA can bring you into contact with people throughout Wales. Membership is free so why not join now

WKPA Welfare Fund

The WKPA will assist people who are pre-dialysis, receiving dialysis, or have a renal transplant. The applicant must be resident in Wales and the assistance must be renal related.

Normally, applications will be raised by Social Workers, but if not they will be screened by the relevant Social Worker. However, should a renal unit not have a Social Worker; a senior member of staff at the unit can raise the application.

The WKPA guidelines listing the criteria and circumstances in which patients are eligible to make an application are available to view on this website.

Each application will be considered by the Welfare Committee of the WKPA. Should the Welfare Committee decide to approve the application, the amount given will be at the discretion of the Welfare Committee.

The decision of the Welfare Committee will be final.

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